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Due to maintenance efforts, LISTedTECH has made the tough decision to remove public access to its wiki for the time being. But don't worry, LISTedTECH is well alive and as strong, if not stronger, as before. We are actually working on some pretty interesting projects for which we wanted to focus all of our attention. We are really excited to share the announcement of those projects with you guys.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this massive effort of compiling the biggest source of HigherEd systems out there. We continue to put a lot of efforts into making this data ever more far-reaching and of greater and greater quality. The data and knowledge is still available and we are always happy to help you. Just send us a request using the following form.

For those of you who would like access to the biggest listing of higher education technology we offer a few options

A few stats about the LISTedTECH Wiki:

  • Property values (total): 1,359,799
  • Page edits since LISTedTECH was set up (October 2014): 241,621
  • Listed Products used by Institutions: 40,008
  • Institutions: 26,181
  • Largest Product category: Learning Management Systems - LMS: 12,007

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